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GMAT OFFICIAL GUIDE DS – A telephone station has x processors…

A telephone station has x processors…


We are given that a station has x processors, each of which can process a maximum of y calls at a time. Thus, the maximum number of calls that can be handled at one time is xy.  We must determine whether the station can process 500 calls at one time. Thus, we must determine: Is xy>500 ?

Statement One Alone: 

x = 600

Since x = 600 and y is at least 1, we see that the product of xy must be greater than 500 and thus the station can process all of the 500 calls. Statement one alone is sufficient to answer the question. We can eliminate answer choices B, C, and E.

Statement Two Alone: 

100 < y < 200

Without knowing the number of processors, we do not have enough information to answer the question. If y = 110 and x = 2, then the station could not process the 500 calls.  However, if y = 110 and x = 5, then the station could process all 500 calls.

Answer: A 

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