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GMAT OFFICIAL GUIDE DS – At a bakery, all donuts…

At a bakery, all donuts…


We are given that all donuts are priced equally and all bagels are priced equally and need to determine the total price of 5 donuts and 3 bagels. Let’s start by defining some variables.

D = the price per donut

B = the price per bagel

Thus we need to determine: 5D + 3B = ?

Statement One Alone: 

At the bakery, the total price of 10 donuts and 6 bagels is $12.90.

Using the information in statement one, we can create the following equation:

10D + 6B = 12.90

We can simplify the equation by dividing the entire equation by 2.

5D + 3B = 6.45

Thus, the price for 5 donuts and 3 bagels is $6.45. Statement one alone is sufficient to answer the question. We can eliminate answer choices B, C, and E.

Statement Two Alone: 

At the bakery, the price of a donut is $0.15 less than the price of a bagel.

We can express D in terms of B:

D = B – 0.15

Substituting B – 0.15 for D, we get:

5(B – 0.15) + 3B

5B – 0.75 + 3B

8B – 0.75

However, without knowing anything about the price of either D or B, or the total amount spent, we cannot determine the sum of 5D + 3B. Thus, statement two is insufficient.

Answer: A

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