Scott Woodbury-Stewart

GMAT OFFICIAL GUIDE DS – In Triangle PQR, if PQ = x…

In Triangle PQR, if PQ = x…


We start by sketching the triangle.

We need to determine the angle with the greatest degree measure. Remember that the angle with the greatest measure is always opposite the side of greatest length.

Statement One Alone:

y = x + 3

Since we know that y = x + 3, we know that PR is the longest side of the triangle. Thus, we know that angle PQR, the angle opposite side PR, is the angle with the largest measure. Statement one is sufficient to answer the question. We can eliminate answer choices B, C, and E.

Statement Two Alone:

x = 2

Only knowing the value of x is not sufficient to answer the question because we don’t know the value of y.

Answer: A