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GMAT OFFICIAL GUIDE DS – What is the value of w…

What is the value of w…


We need to determine the value of w^-2.  We must remember, that if we can determine a value for w, we also can determine a value for w^-2.

Statement One Alone: 

w^-1 = ½

We can manipulate the equation in statement one by using the negative exponents rule.

w^-1 = ½

1/w = ½

w = 2

Since we know that w = 2, we have enough information to answer the question, and thus statement one alone is sufficient. We can eliminate answer choices B, C, and E.

Statement Two Alone: 

w^3 = 8

We can isolate w by taking the cube root of both sides of the equation w^3 = 8.

Thus, w = 2, and statement two is also sufficient to answer the question.

Answer: D 

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