Jeff Miller

GMAT OFFICIAL GUIDE PS – If Juan takes 11 seconds to run y yards…

If Juan takes 11 seconds to run y yards…


This problem is testing us on the Rate x Time = Distance relationship. This relationship also tells us that Rate = Distance/Time and Time = Distance/Rate.

Ultimately, we are looking for how many seconds it will take Juan to run x yards. Thus, the equation we’ll use is: Time = Distance/Rate. We know the distance is x yards, and we need to find Juan’s rate.

We can find Juan’s rate as follows: Rate = Distance/Time = y yards/11 seconds

Using that rate, we need to determine how long it takes him to run x yards at the same rate. So we have:

Time = Distance/Rate

Time = x yards/(y yards/11 seconds)

Time = (x yards) x (11 seconds/y yards)

Time = 11x/y seconds

Answer: A