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GMAT OFFICIAL GUIDE PS – The positive two-digit integers x and y…

The positive two-digit integers x and y…


We can solve this question using the natural relationships that all two-digit numbers have. As an example, we can express 37 as (10 x 3) + 7. We multiply the digit in the tens position by 10 and then add the digit in the ones position.

If we let a = the tens digit of x and b = the ones digit of x, we know:

x = 10a + b

Since the digits of y are the reverse of those of x, we can express y as:

y = 10b + a

When we sum x and y we obtain:

x + y = 10a + b + 10b + a = 11a + 11b

x + y = 11(a + b)

The final expression 11(a + b) is a multiple of 11, and therefore 11 divides evenly into it.

We see, therefore, that 11 must be a factor of x + y.

Answer: D

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